About Bob

I have lived in Florida since 1986 and worked for many years as a commercial real estate appraiser. Before that I was a county level environmental planner in New Jersey. I am now a blog writer and publisher and fiction writer (working on a young adult novel). My formal education includes B.S. and M.S. degrees in Geology with a concentration on environmental and coastal geology.

My interests are wide and range from sensible (and sustainable) real estate development, the environment and environmental planning, the arts (opera, art, ballet and theater), ancient history to archaeology and local history. I am also interested in such outdoors activities as hiking, bird watching, camping, etc.

In the past few years my level of interest in and knowledge about the history and archaeology of Florida, as well as the arts in general, has greatly expanded. I hope to continue these interests for many years as a freelance writer, publisher and traveler.